Producing Music: Sound, Metaphor, and Brotherhood

David Shultz and The Skyline (photo by Jamie Barnett)

from left: David Shultz, Curtis Patton, Marcus Shrock, Matt Morton. Photo by Jamie Barnett

David Shultz, legendary guitarist from the band and rock-phenomenon, Almost Lifelike, quintessential Virginian master poet, crafty collaborator with the sensational Jonathan Vassar, sweetest heart in all of Richmond, is now rumored to have plans of recording with famous producer, Your Favorite Animal.

Your Favorite Animal, be it a penguin, a baby elephant, a treacherous shark, a crouching tiger, or even a hidden dragon, is me.  And I am David’s brother.  I asked David a few days ago to come into the studio with me.  Why?  Well, aside from the fact that I have been a David Shultz fan since his tee-ball days at OB Gates Elementary School, I find that spending time in the studio together reminds us that we are, indeed, brothers.

I am sure you have been illuminated by metaphor (who do you prefer: Kerouac, Basho, Rumi, or Shakespeare?), or moved by music (do you remember how you felt when you first heard Beethoven’s ninth symphony?).  When music and metaphor bind up into one magnanimous undecipherable entanglement, you are truly set off the course of sail, cast deep into The Abyss.

I am an addict to that place, that drug; but, I can’t buy, sell, assume or predict it.  Well, I take that back, I can predicted it: whenever I meet David in the studio.  In that place, we know how to be musicians, best friends, sons of mom & dad, there for each other, how to bicker, to laugh, to feel safe, and to love each other like stark raving mad criminals, like brothers.

This track, ‘Apples,’ is from his album, Sinner’s Gold, released in 2006 on Triple Stamp Records.  Mixing this song sent me to that place, deeper than ever in my eight years of recording (listen to with headphones, and close your eyes).

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4 Responses to Producing Music: Sound, Metaphor, and Brotherhood

  1. saw says:

    stoked… of all davidskyline’s tracks ever recorded, i still can’t stop listening to sinner’s gold (not say they all arent good). i can feel truth and love throughout the entire album; albino crow has been my favorite here lately…and i am really excited to hear what you bros put out next. i also completely understand what you’re saying about inventing new vibrations with someone who is a part of you and there’s nothing more pure than the same blood. do it big dudes.

    ps-your favorite animal>legit

  2. I saw your comment on Janna’s blog and wanted to check yours out…to find my own picture staring me back in the face. Ha, weird! (However, I think it’s spelled Jaime Barnett…not Jamie Garnett…close enough I guess.) I like the kind words you have written here…and hope no one else has served you half a beer since I have. -Jaime

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