Remember The Fire? A Last-Minute Idea Becomes a Project Savior

from left: jared, parker, franklin, justin, nick“Don’t be so bitter my princess, won’t you put out the fire?”  A hook that any and all THJs (The Half Jeffersons) fans have had stuck in their heads at one time or another.  Go watch the music video – I bet you 5 dólares that you won’t be able to resist watching it more than once.

The funny thing is, ‘The Fire’ – a song featured on MTV’s Newport Harbor – was never intended to be a part of The Half Jeffersons album, “A Splash of Color.”  It was a last-minute decision, that started off something like this:

from left: jared, justin, franklin, parker, nick

Photo by Jason Collins, Delirious Photography

Justin: “Kenny, sooooo….we want to come in for a weekend and record two new songs for the album.”

Kenny: “Haha…” [a sigh.  then a pensive pause] “You want to do what?”

Justin: “How is this weekend?”

album cover

Album Cover

And the rest was fate – if you believe in that sort of stuff, sissy (just playing).  The tune was recorded (along with ‘War’) the following weekend one week before the album was scheduled for mastering.  I am not sure how much more last-minute you can get for a major project.  But in this case, if it weren’t for that last-minute decision, this album would never have received the national recognition it received after being picked up by MTV’s Newport Harbor (granted, the show was absolutely terrible, sorry MTV-you’re still ma boi).

Anyway, go listen to ‘The Fire.’  Go listen to the entire album for that matter – then, go buy it on iTunes.  Then, come back here in two months when the sophomore album, ‘Chorus,’ is released, then read my blog, then buy that album.  I cannot begin to express how spectacular it is.

In the mean time, take head this advice: add at least one last-minute addition to your next major project, one week before its deadline.  Then give The Half Jeffersons and me a 20% kickback for making you rich.


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2 Responses to Remember The Fire? A Last-Minute Idea Becomes a Project Savior

  1. Kyle Carline says:

    Kenny, I miss you and somehow I surfed my way to your articles and see how accomplished you are. Reading through these reminded of the first time I met you. THJ was working on “A Splash of Color” I was fifteen years old and you had shaved pieces of your hair off with trimmers. Later on I knew why, but at first glance of this unique sight I began to look up to you as if I could learn something. Perhaps you weren’t the best example for a fifteen year old. But years later we are reunited in the studio to work on “Chorus”, I was very nervous when asked to “lay down some tracks” (I had absolutely no idea what that meant) I was eager to impress. I sat myself down on the floor with the Fender and played my part in a “spectacular” album. Although even today the status of the album is unknown to me, you were always determined and willing. That is something to be respected. I better talk to you soon.


    • Kyle!

      It is quite good to hear from you, old comrade! The album is nearly finished, and you definitely laid down some sick tracks! So you wrote, “Perhaps you weren’t the best example for a fifteen year old.” Was my haircut that bad? haha just playing.

      It was a pleasure to work with you on “Chorus.” I anticipate that we will work together again someday in the future. What are you up to these days?

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