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Composition: Fugue in e minor

James Wiznerowicz, D.M.A., is undoubtedly Richmond’s most sublime and transcendent composer.  He has studied under the distinguished contemporary composers Anthony Iannaccone (understudy to Aaron Copland), Ladislav Kiubik and Daniel Asia (understudy to Arthur Weisberg).  Wiznerowicz’s “Aria for Solo Bassoon” and “Micrologus for Solo … Continue reading

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Producing Music: Sound, Metaphor, and Brotherhood

David Shultz, legendary guitarist from the band and rock-phenomenon, Almost Lifelike, quintessential Virginian master poet, crafty collaborator with the sensational Jonathan Vassar, sweetest heart in all of Richmond, is now rumored to have plans of recording with famous producer, Your … Continue reading

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Designing a Three Band Equalizer

During the fall of 2009, I was given a great assignment: to design a 3-band equalizer.  The three bands were supposed to be such that they could usefully equalize a vocal signal.  This was my first circuit design project so … Continue reading

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Franklin Massie’s Undergraduate Thesis: Working With Your Favorite Animal

“Professor DumbleDork, although writing a 30 page thesis on ‘The Paradox of Nietzsche’s Analytic Techniques Employed in his Genealogy of Morals,’ would be a dream come true, I would rather do something not boring.”  These are the exact words of Franklin … Continue reading

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Remember The Fire? A Last-Minute Idea Becomes a Project Savior

“Don’t be so bitter my princess, won’t you put out the fire?”  A hook that any and all THJs (The Half Jeffersons) fans have had stuck in their heads at one time or another.  Go watch the music video – … Continue reading

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