Producing New Music: Black Water Gold

Last week, I entered the studio with Justin Black (guitarist from The Half Jeffersons) to work on his new project, Black Water Gold.  Listen here! We were in the studio for two sleepless days, and finished three great songs.
The band: Justin Black, Mark Thom, Kevin Willcox, Morgan McGovern, Franklin Massie, and Parker Black.

I headed to Powhatan the day of the session to hear the music live for the first time.  I suggested some minor structural changes to the songs before they were committed to thefrom left: justin, mark, morgan ‘digital tape’.  We recorded the drum tracks live, i.e. no sound replacement or drum editing.  Parker Black, the drummer, is simply too talented to go splicing up his subtle idiosyncrasies on the instrument.

The bass tracks were then tracked – good work Kevin – quickly, paying close attention to the bass drum rhythms.  Then electric and acoustic guitars (Justin and Mark) came next; then vocals (Justin, Mark, Morgan).  Finally, Morgan and Franklin completed the tracks with subtle and essential keyboard/synth tracks.

From the time we clocked in on Monday night at 7 p.m., until the time we clocked out on Wednesday morning at 7 a.m., we worked ardently to complete these tracks.  I am very excited about what we accomplished during this session.

Justin is now on his way to Spain where he will be living it up for the next month.  I like to consider these tracks my bon voyage gift to Justin – I am looking forward to his return because it equates to the completion of the long-awaited Half Jeffersons LP.

In case you missed the link earlier, you can listen to the songs here!

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  1. Shermaine says:

    ICAeva That’s way more clever than I was expecting. Thanks!

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