Designing a New Exhibit: The Perspective Studio

adapt. evolve.This past semester I was fortunate enough to work at the VCU da Vinci Center for Product Innovation.  I was on a team that worked to design a new exhibit for the Science Museum of Virginia.  The exhibit is named, ‘The Perspective Studio.’  We were given a $60,000 budget to design an innovation studio that will be built this summer.  Our team consisted of 2 engineering students, 2 art students, and 2 business students.  I was the engineer for the team (the other engineer was the great Brent Scott Puckett). This was quite an interdisciplinary project, and it turned out to be the greatest team with which I have ever had the pleasure to work (who made that ridiculous rule that you are not aloud to end sentences with prepositions?).  Anyway, have a look at our final presentation here!

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One Response to Designing a New Exhibit: The Perspective Studio

  1. Joe Sandy says:

    Love the project! Way cool to see it’s conception become reality. Can’t wait to see what your crazy mind concocts next!

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